Deluxe Coffeeworks. You are only as good as your last cup

The finest Brazilian, Guatemalan and Ethiopian hand selected coffee bean varieties. Blended and roasted in-house daily to our obsessive standards. Full-bodied, full-flavoured, and smooth.


You should know that we don’t follow many rules when it comes to our coffee. In fact, there aren’t a lot rules that we follow in general. We do however know what we want. We are passionate about coffee and we think that those are good enough reasons for us to do what we do, and that is to roast, supply and serve coffee in the best way we know how. We also believe in having a great place where we can do all this and furthermore, where you can enjoy our coffee. That’s why our coffee roastery is the way it is. You won’t find any fancy food or wifi here. That’s not our vibe. A lot of good music, interesting people and great coffee. We like to give you coffee the way we would like to receive it. That’s what we’re all about.


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Don’t panic. With our coffee subscriptions you’ll never be stuck without Deluxe. We’ll have freshly roasted coffee delivered to your door, as often as you like, without you having to lift a finger. Just subscribe and we’ll do the rest.



The mystery. The legend. The smooth, full-bodied, rich, chocolatey good stuff. We could go on about this all day. But, at some point you’ve just got to taste it. Then you know.


There is no shame in decaf. Decaf is for when you still want the taste of Deluxe but your friends have been planning an intervention because you’ve been overdoing it.


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We offer second week day shipping for orders placed before 11am on weekdays to any major centre in South Africa and within 4 week days anywhere else. Shipping costs are from R60 for Cape Town and surrounds to R220 for rural South Africa. We also have Free Shipping tiers. Please click here for the info. You can also place and manage your bulk orders or subscriptions for your café, restaurant, or hotel right here from the site. We do not do discounts on the coffee price for bulk orders.