We’re Switching Payment Providers

Sorry about this inconvenience. Deluxe is in the process of switching over our online store payment processor from Stripe in the USA to Peach Payments in South Africa. 

This is because Stripe used to be the only company who could provide the subscriptions functionality that we wanted, but now Peach Payments and some others can handle that too. 

This is a good thing because some South African banks charge quite a ridiculous fee on international payments which is an understandably unwelcome surprise for some of our customers. 

What You Need To Do Before The End Of April

At the end of April we will end support for Stripe and subscriptions currently using it will fail until they’re recreated with Peach. 

The switch over isn’t as easy as we’d like unfortunately because your card details are securely held by each payment provider we can’t just click a button to have it switch over. 

At the moment, you will please need to manually recreate your subscription order on the site. This means deleting or cancelling your existing subscription and going through the order process again and checking out with Peach Payments ZA. 

Sorry about this. We know it’s a pain. 😡 But we’re going to get you back up and running as quickly as possible. 

The link to our subscription products is here.

You can see your own Subscriptions after you sign in here.

The Process is as Follows

1) Go to your subscriptions

2) Click View on your desired subscription.

3) Take note of the items in your existing subscription order. 

4) Click Cancel on your subscription. 
Unfortunately you can’t use Change Payment because that is a Stripe only feature and not enabled for Peach Payments ZA

4) Go to our subscription products and add your desired products to the cart by clicking Sign Up Now when you’ve made a choice in the product page. 

5) Check out in the normal way by using Peach Payments ZA as a payment option. When checking out select Pay With Card and Store for Future Use in the Peach Payments options so that your subscription can recur automatically at your desired interval. 

6) Please note that prices that may have changed are the way that they are now and aren’t revertible to any other price. 

7) That’s it. Done 🙂

Please let us know at [email protected] if you have some trouble and need help. We have quite a few subscriptions so we’ll respond as soon as we can.

Thanks and sorry about the inconvenience. 

The Deluxe Online Team.