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100% chemical-free decaffeinated Brazil Santos coffee. Get the Deluxe Coffee taste and then have a little nap. Lovely.

Decaffeinated by CO2 or “Swiss Water” process; it’s a super simple, natural process that preserves all the proteins and carbohydrates in the coffee which is what give it its unique body, aroma and taste. Some other coffee houses use decaf processes that use solvents like methylene-chloride or ethyl-acetate to remove the caffeine. But rest assured, no chemicals EVER touch our coffee.

Our Brazil Santos Decaf is mild acidity, medium bodied, with a complex yet balanced aroma.

See below for a short explanation of the decaffeination process.

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The CO​2 ​process is the least invasive of the decaffeination methods. Using high pressure to bind the caffeine molecule with the CO​2 ​molecule, thus leaving the protein structure and sugars intact. This method produces better results than alternative chemical extractions.

CO2 or Swiss Water Decaffeination Process

  • Pure water is added and the coffee beans are soaked
  • The cells of the beans absorb the water and make the caffeine molecules mobile, dissolving into the water
  • Carbon dioxide gas is added (this is 100% natural as the air we breathe – literally!) at 250 atmospheres pressure and 90 degrees celsius
  • The caffeine diffuses into the carbon dioxide, leaving the proteins, carbohydrates etc etc (all the good stuff) alone
  • The water and CO2 with 99.9% of the caffeine still bonded to it, is removed
  • The beans are dried naturally and then roasted
  • The CO2 is separated and re-used and the caffeine is sold to everyone else who needs it – the energy drinks guys etc!

It’s a 100% natural and recyclable process – beautiful.




Body ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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Recommended Process:

Espresso, Moka Pot, Plunger

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