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(93 customer reviews)

Deluxe House Blend

R57.75R220.00 inc. VAT

You can also subscribe to this coffee for convenient automatic recurring deliveries.

This is it. Our signature blend. It’s what put us on the map and keeps the crowds coming back for more. And we’re damn proud of it.

It’s full bodied, full flavoured, complex and delicious. A blend of Brazil Cerrado, Guatemala Tres Marias Oriente and Ethiopia Sidamo, it’s Cape Town’s favourite and the coffee of choice for most of our café and restaurant clientele.

You cannot go wrong with a bag of Deluxe House Blend.

See below for the tasting notes.

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Specifically blended to create a versatile well balanced experience, using the best characteristics of each specific single origin coffee.

Initial acidity akin to oranges or naartjies , followed by a sweet chocolate taste and raw cocoa nibs in the finish an overall dark chocolate taste, leaves a warming reminder of the coffee, complimented well with the addition of textured milk.

Served at all our outlets and large number of our clients.
Great in almost every method of brewing, a solid all-rounder and a crowd pleaser

Origin: Guatemala, Sidamo, Brazil


Body ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Brightness ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Aroma ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Intensity ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Finish ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Recommended Process:

Plunger, V60, Espresso, Mocha Pot, Chemex

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93 reviews for Deluxe House Blend

  1. Steve Morkel (verified owner)

    This really has become my all time favourite go to coffee. I’ve always enjoyed it but have tried various brands and blends in between (including Deluxe’s more exotic beans) but nothing comes close to the consistency and great flavour of the good ole’ house blend, particularly when enjoyed black 🙂

  2. Tim Parsons

    Part of my week is heading to the hole in the wall, Kloof Street, to have the boys grind my 250g house blend, to perfection. It’s sensational coffee. I’ve a very bottom of the range Saeco manual machine, which produces excellent flat whites. It’s consistent, week on week, wonderful value and without equal in Cape Town, home to many fine roasteries.

  3. Verena (verified owner)

    Always consistent roasting and and all round favourite of mine for years! The pricing is also very reasonable!!

  4. Jacs Stevens

    This coffee is so awesome I’m so glad they have a subscription service that orders the coffee for me that I can also cancel at any time. Really there for their customers. It would be just so much better if you could come to poor old Durban.


    My favourite coffee in Cape Town!

    I’ve been drinking the house blend since 2009, from the Church Street Branch, back in my student days.

    A delicious brew, straight black or with milk. I keep the cupboard stocked.

  6. groenewaldja (verified owner)

    Always looking for the “D” when looking for a coffee shop!

  7. ben (verified owner)

    I heard about this coffee, but I live extremely rurally in another province, so never thought I’d get my hands on it. Then I discovered Deluxe delivers! A group of us goes in together to share delivery costs (or get it free if we buy enough). It’s worth that kind of effort. Excellent coffee at an affordable price!

  8. info21 (verified owner)

    We love the house blend as our guests do!

  9. karienlouw.KL (verified owner)

    Best coffee in South Africa! I brew a pot every day to take to work and it still tastes better than others that are freshly brewed!

  10. Phil Emslie (verified owner)

    My go to coffee, been my go to since 2009. Now living in Dubai and having tasted freshly roasted coffee from around the world, I go out of my way to order house blend as often as I can find someone to bring it across to me.
    Flavor and consistency I find unmatched, used as espresso, flat white or cappuccino. Best coffee around!

  11. Jannik

    We have been using the house blend at our cafe for almost two years and we have never had any issues. The bean is great quality and has a consistent great taste that makes customers come back. Ordering has also been a great experience. It has never been more than a few days ensuring that the beans are always fresh.

  12. Jazz

    We order it for our Guest House in Johannesburg! It brings in plenty of compliments.

  13. David (verified owner)

    The quality is consistently great. The price is right. I keep coming back because nobody else compares!

  14. Marius (verified owner)

    So so good! Consistently great.

  15. Hani Arif (verified owner)

    When I was in Capetown, I went to several cafes but this coffee is the best for espresso based drinks.

  16. Louise (verified owner)

    This is my favourite coffee! A consistent, solid, well rounded coffee that I simply cannot go without – although I vary my coffees I always end up craving the Deluxe House Blend. In fact, when I go away on holiday, I place a special order requesting the ground version to ensure I can take it with me while my grinder stays home :).

  17. Daniel van Wyk

    My all time favourite blend. I used to get daily lattes from Deluxe when I worked in the city, but now it is part of my routine to stop by the store in Stellenbosch to buy a latte and beans whenever I to there. There’s something comfortable about this blend that sits just right with me 🙂

  18. Hebrews – Hope Coffee

    A fresh taste of optimism in a cup. Good way to start the day.

  19. Carmen (verified owner)

    Happiness in a cup

  20. RvS (verified owner)

    Have loved my Deluxe house blend for many years now, and it’s still the highlight of my day! Ordering beans online is a breeze, quick delivery, well priced.. I used to have to drive to town to get it from their Church Street shop! If a coffee shop uses Deluxe, they’re an immediate favourite of mine. Just thinking about what I love about it, I think I’ll have a second cup now! 🙂

  21. anna-tina (verified owner)

    beast coffee in town! by far…
    the one and only….

  22. Bernard Shapiro

    Still the very best coffee. And great service too.

  23. Quintin (verified owner)

    Best coffee in the country! Seriously! From my first cup, it became my favorite and I recommend it to every coffee lover I know.

  24. Carmen (verified owner)

    Deluxe House Blend is a language in itself.

  25. Carmen (verified owner)

    House blend is a language in itself!!

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